Notes of meeting 5 Jan 2013

6 Jan

Present – Emma Daniel @huxley06 / Julie Cattell @cooljool80 / Julie Rainey @julierainey / Aideen & Denis Jones @AMOQ1 / Karen Amsden @karenams 

Deliveries made ready to go out this week (Julie Cattell to drop)

  • Refugee teens (assorted coats and jumpers for teens)
  • Whitehawk Inn 31 assorted coats (0 – teen) plus 20 sets of hats/scarves/gloves plus misc as new childrens hoodies/ jeans/ tights
  • Sleeping bags and adult clothing for Cllr Bill Randells’ homeless appeal
  • 3 large bags of garmets for mending/ recycling (Julie Rainey to contact Cat of @freeglebrighton to drop off – Aideen willing to drive over) 

3 large bags of coats for washing – Denis

Collection points that need a collection this week (Julie Cattell will get):

  • Hove Town Hall
  • School
  • Victim Support Shoreham
  • Check Dorothy Stringer (Karen will contact)

Further actions:

  • Emma to email charities distributing coats to see if they need more and ask for some feedback
  • Aideen to follow up with Family Support Association to see if they need 0-3 coats
  • Emma to ask Michelle to contact Childrens Centres to see if they want 0-3 coats
  • Julie Rainey to check if Prisoners Family Support need coats
  • Julie Rainey to plan next press release – cold snap 9th Jan tie in
  • Emma to update databases – distribution and our stock database


Next steps for project:

Wind up 14 Feb -consider next year requirements &need to organise a meal to discuss issues such as school uniforms (particularly secondary school) and childrens shoes/ toys and toiletary comfort packs for women’s refuges. Lots of other ideas to discuss too.





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