Running totals

6 Jan

Have just been updating our stock spreadsheet –

We have had in 545 useable coats for children in Brighton and Hove so far! Probably around 150 -200 have needed mending or been too worn to reuse. These coats have found a new home via @freeglebrighton and will be upcycled or recycled.

We have around 50 awaiting a wash to see if they are then ‘as new’ enough to give out!

We have many still waiting for collection!

We are still taking coats at our collection points until at least 31st January…please give us more as they are much needed!

We have a big pile of ‘warm or waterproof’ coats which are beautiful but more suitable for Spring…so we will sort through those on Friday night. We estimate around 100 coats are in this pile.

Thanks too for the ‘as new’ scarves, hats and gloves…we have put these into packs for our charity distributers to give out along with coats.

Well done everyone, and keep them coming 🙂

Emma and the #bhcoatsforkids team x


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