Meet the Commissioner again

6 Jun

I came to work for Public-i because I do believe that technology and our webcasting software has a valuable role to play in helping the public to feel that democratic processes are transparent and to increase confidence, especially when things do go wrong and people want more information.

I was really pleased that following the channel 4 documentary on PCC Ann Barnes called Meet the Commissioner public interest was raised in who holds her to account. Too often scrutiny is the democratic Cinderella function. I love scrutiny and it is so valuable to democracy. To be fair, the process also enables Ann to put her points across and to apologise without editing.

Media stories were very negative in relation to that programme. And the Police and Crime Panel decided that they needed to question the Commissioner and in addition there was a lot of criticism via social media.


Kent Online


The webcast itself

Kent PCP scrutinise Ann Barnes







The webcast from Kent County Council, where the Police and Crime Panel scrutinised the issues arising from the documentary this week, had over 1000 live viewers as the scrutiny process was undertaken. During the webcast Ann Barnes starts by apologising for her decision to take part in the programme and the impact the negative press that arose from it had on her staff, Kent Police service and, other Police and Crime Commissioners. You can watch the webcast in full here.

The overall decision to participate in the programme, the office move, and other issues that arose from the programme were scrutinised in detail.




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