NHS Open Door (Leicester) Feedback on Personal Health Budgets

17 Jun

There was a really powerful presentation and video on Personal Health Budgets

The feedback was intensive and its fair to say the delegates here were very concerned about the agenda and implementation of this programme:


1. Concerns about pushing healthcare into the community – feeling that this is because of cuts not to make things better. “Could this be a care in the community fiasco?”

2. There was clarification about these budgets that someone might get the money direct or for some people a third party may hold the budget but to spend in agreement with the individual for health benefits

3. We heard a detailed story of a person who had a bad experience of private care provision (social care) and how the person who was responsible for his just not responding to calls and failed to organise care over the Christmas period. He also expressed frustration and anxiety about accessing health care:

“I can’t have chiropody or physiotherapy – why should this go through a personal budget…I just want this service not complications. I don’t want to buy it from a gym.”

4. Experience vs Research point on who can most benefit –

“I did work with Turning Point with areas of high need. We found issues with literacy, addictions etc. They can’t remember if they have taken the drugs or not…they end up in A&E. These people are not capable to deal with all these things. They can’t cope with it.” –

Response from Luke O’Shea was that studies showed that the most disadvantaged benefitted most so long as they get support and advocacy.

5. Some passion – maybe driven by headlines today on cuts to district nursing: “I think the way to improve everything is to bring back District Nurses and lots of them – they know what is needed” – Luke O’Shea – “Its a powerful point but it might be that the voluntary sector might deliver. Being able to be where people are comfortable in their own homes can make a big difference”

So lots of concerns about this in spite of user stories and research.



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