Patient Online feedback from Leicester NHSOpenHouse

17 Jun

Following the presentation at the #NHSOpenHouse event on Patients Online, the event participants (patients, public and voluntary sector) considered what their comments were on more digital access to GP surgeries to make appointments and access records. In addition, there was a discussion about e-consultations. Here is a very rough live type up of the comments made. You can find out more here.

So the thoughts were:

Accessing your medical records online –

“The need to raise health literacy of patients and for GP’s to refine what they write in them – being aware of audience!

“Accessing your medical records might be a language from another side of the world if not in accessible language!

“Coercion to access your records from family members could be an issue for some communities  and encouraging people to take or not take medication”

“Lack of clarity about exactly what patients would see on their records”

“Test results could be a shock if read without support”

Booking appointments and repeat presciptions

“Could this system be hacked into – how good is security?”

“Could a computer be set up in the surgery to help people to learn how. And maybe younger people could support their relatives to use”

“Even though we have the technology it won’t increase appointments available which is the main problem with appointments”

“Concern about non-clinical access to data”


“How could this open more options and choice and how they relate to health professionals and GPs. It must be patient choice and face to face should be guaranteed if this is preferred”

“The opportunities for carers being able to have appointments from home would be a benefit – not having to take the person all the way to the surgery”

“Good for community teams especially in palliative care”

“We thought it was a very good idea – the opportunity for patients and GPs to negotiate the options.”

“What is the timeline to make this happen?”

“Gets people thinking about their health and planning for their health by making appointments!



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